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What is minoxidil?

The solution for local external use contains the active ingredient minoxidil. Minoxidil is white crystalline white or whitish solid which is soluble in water to a concentration of approximately 5 mg / ml (5% solution) and it is easily soluble in propylene glycol or ethanol.

For the past several years, minoxidil remains the only treatment recommended by doctors with confidence as a treatment for hair regrowth.

What is the mechanism of action of minoxidil and its effect on hair growth?
Minoxidil solution is the best and most effective remedy for hair loss. It is intended for the treatment of male pattern baldness for both men and women. Minoxidil solution is a vasodilator, which, when applied topically, stimulates hair growth for men and women suffering from Androgenetic hair loss (male pattern baldness). During clinical trials it was proved that Minoxidil suspends hair loss and restores growth where hair loss begins from the top (male) or along the middle parting (women). The hair growth is observed after about 4-6 months of use of the treatment. After stopping the use of the solution the new hair growth is stopped, and after a few months, it is possible to expect the return of the former type.

Minoxidil solution occupies an intermediate position between cosmetics and drugs - from the official position, it is a remedy, however, non-prescription one, and from the point of view of consumers, it is not different from cosmetic products. Indeed, you can assign minoxidil yourselves and apply it for a long time, as it has no side effects and is not toxic. Minoxidil solution is colorless, odor free, absorbs quickly. In appearance it is a liquid lotion in plastic bottles, it is very convenient to use it.