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Frequently asked questions

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How use Minoxidil Plus?

The substance is applied to the scalp at a dose 1 ml 2 times a day (morning and evening).

Who can't use Minoxidil?

The treatment should not be used during:

  • pregnancy and lactation (during breastfeeding).
  • at the first sign of side effects, as well as in cases of redness and irritation in areas of rubbing, (in this case you should stop using the product and, if necessary, contact a doctor).
  • to persons under 18 years of age.
  • if you are allergic to any of its components.

How long should I use Minoxidil Plus?

It’s the most sensitive issue. Alas, I have to disappoint you. It should be used for the rest of your life, well, or until you value your hair. To my regret, as soon as you stop to use it, all of your grown hair will start to fall out again (if they were not before the treatment). So you againe will become bald within a few months.

So will I have to use this treatment for the whole life? Maybe, it is possible to fix the result?

Unfortunately, now a magical tool that would be able to "cure" baldness at the same time does not exist. Therefore, it should be applied consistently. But you shouldn’t worry so much about it. It is not terrible or anything like this. You brush your teeth every day, make it a habit to use Minoxidil with matinee and evening treatments. It's just 30 seconds of your time. Nothing wrong with that.

How does work the Minoxidil Plus ?

The precise mechanism is not still known to anyone. But scientists believe that this is due to anabolic effects on the cells of the follicle, which stimulate protein synthesis and thus open up the so-called potassium channels of cell membranes, and thereby extend the anagen phase (hair growth cycle). Scientists have also found out that the treatment stimulates production of VEGF (vascular growth factor), it also has a positive effect on the condition of the hair.

How long should I use Minoxidil for to see the first results?

For hair regrowth require so long period of time. You may need at least three months before you see at least some results. By the way it was my mistake. I originally applied minoxidil about a month. There were no results at all and I gave up. Then I learned that I should wait for results. And, lo and behold, six months later, half of the hair was back. And then the rest was back too.

Which option should I buy: 2%, 3%, 5% or 15%?

2% and 3% solution is commonly used for the treatment of baldness for women. By the way, trichologists now began to appoint women 5% solution. However, it is believed that 5%, 10% and 15% are suitable for men only. Many people say that it is better to start with 5%. I do not know, I just started with a 15%. I did not regret. Although it’s up to you of course.

The treatment for women and men differs only in the percentage of the substance itself. This means that men can safely use female version, but do not expect a good effect. At the same time women do not need to use a male version, because of possible unwanted hair growth.

After the start of the application my hair suddenly began to fall even more!

The most sensitive issue. I'm tired to calm everybody about it. Many people write to the email that the hair began to fall even more intense, the people panic. I assure you, this is quite a normal reaction with start use Minoxidil Plus. After some time the hair should grow back again. The most weakened hair fall. They would have done it sooner or later. Healthier and stronger hair will grow in their place.

What happens if I miss one or more takings?

If you miss application of minoxidil plus for a few days, it is not necessary to put it at double dose again. Continue its use on normal schedule to which you are accustomed. Naturally, this is not good. But there is no tragedy at all.


How to determine if I have the progress of hair growth?

Practically all people do not notice in the early stages of the treatment that new hair have started to growth. That's because the first re-growing hair is thin as fluff. Even after a couple of months it is difficult to see it. And they are replaced by thicker and stronger hair.

Is it possible to use the treatment for more than 2 times a day? Will it work better and faster?

No. The treatment will not work better. Always apply it only 2 times a day, not more.

Can I wash my hair after applying the treatment?

You shouldn’t do it. To achieve good results, I advise you to leave the treatment on the scalp for at least 2 hours before you decide to wash your hair.

Contra indications of Minoxidil

Besides the so-called hereditary predisposition to baldness it can be caused by other reasons. I have already said that minoxidil does not prevent the loss of your hair, it only helps with male pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia). It stimulates the growth of new ones.

If the loss of your hair began suddenly, if among all of your relatives there are no cases of baldness or if your type of hair loss has a patchy (patches, pieces) character, first of all you need to consult a doctor about the advisability of the use of this treatment.

How does Minoxidil work?

As a result of minoxidil the resumption of (anagen) hair growth occurs. In addition, there is a considerable effect of minoxidil as a vasodilator, resulting in a significant improvement in nutrition of hair follicles.

How to use Minoxidil?

Minoxidil is very easy to use. It is applied twice a day, morning and evening, 1ml per dry scalp is applied by a special pipette, which is available in the kit. Usage of the treatment does not interfere with the care of hair, as usual, painting, comb-out and perming.

How fast can I expect results from Minoxidil?

The rate of growth of new hair and their density can vary for different people. When the new hair starts to grow, you should continue to use the treatment twice a day every day to increase their number and support the growth. The first results can occur after 3-4 months (visible effect of a 15% solution), but the greatest effect is achieved within 12 months of the continuous usage.

How long does the treatment of Minoxidil continue?

The recommended duration of the treatment for optimal results is at least 6 months. If you notice the appearance of fine hair, the bulb can produce a mature hair. If the hair falls out, new ones need at least 3 months to appear on the surface of the head. If new hair caused by Minoxidil grew, you should continue to use the treatment constantly to maintain the existing and newly grown hair. If after a certain time (at least not less than 4-6 months) there was no sign of the result, you should consult a doctor, he may recommend you to use other products, in addition to or instead of minoxidil.

What will happen if I stop using Minoxidil?

The positive effect of minoxidil to stimulate hair growth is observed for as long as the treatment is continued and a few months after it. It is necessary to use Minoxidil constantly for lasting therapeutic effect. This effect can be explained as follows: application of the solution of minoxidil stimulates the activity of the small hair follicles, which are produced only weak hair, and under the influence of minoxidil thicker hair also appears. After stopping the hair follicles therapy, they no longer receive nutrition, which ultimately gives way to the hair loss and the return to the form which was before treatment, so to the hair loss.

Can I use Minoxidil more than twice a day?

No, you can’t. According to the results of clinical trials, the rapid use of the treatment is not conducive to accelerated hair growth and may increase the risk of adverse effects.

Need I use a larger dose, if the area or the degree of hair loss is great?

Regardless of the size of hair loss the dose should not exceed the recommended total daily dose of 2 ml of Minoxidil (1 ml, morning and evening).

What will happen if I miss one or more takings of Minoxidil?

You should continue to use it on normal schedule. Do not try to compensate the missing by larger doses or rapid application of minoxidil.

Is it possible to treat baldness or hair loss using Minoxidil for children and young people?

Minoxidil is not to be used for the treatment of hair loss for patients younger than 18 years.

Can I use hair cosmetics - paints, mousses and foams, style, etc. during Minoxidil treatment?

The treatment allows the use of a hair dye, perm and comb-out (mousse, paint, gel, etc.). It is important that prior to use of Minoxidil your scalp is dry, in addition, you should wait for the complete drying of the product before applying styling.

What shampoo should be used in conjunction with Minoxidil Plus treatment?

During the treatment of Minoxidil it is recommended to use a mild shampoo, without aggressive ingredients (oils, animal proteins, silicone compounds, dyes), because they can damage the hair and prevent the absorption of Minoxidil.