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Clinically proven efficacy

Today, Minoxidil Plus has no serious rivals in the fight against the most common cause of excessive hair loss - androgenetic alopecia, or male pattern baldness. Its effectiveness has been repeatedly confirmed by independent clinical studies, in which thousands of people from around the world participated.

An increased concentration of the active ingredient

Long years of clinical practice have shown that a 15% minoxidil formula is the most effective in the fight against hair loss. The high concentration of the active ingredient allows you to achieve a positive result, even in cases when other drugs based on minoxidil were ineffective.

Superior product quality

The production of Minoxidil Plus uses only high-quality raw materials and advanced equipment. This, in turn, ensures the highest degree of purification and, as a consequence, the safety of these medications, as well as their high effectiveness in controlling excessive hair loss.

An innovative approach

We offer new products developed with the latest scientific achievements. Because of this, each person gets the chance to regain their attractive appearance and confidence. This is the uniqueness of Minoxidil Plus, which, by no accident, is considered the most convenient, safe and effective treatment for androgenetic alopecia.

Substantial savings

We offer a drug that has proven its effectiveness in the fight against excessive hair loss. Moreover, its cost is at the wholesale level. This means that long-term use of Minoxidil Plus is accessible to people with different levels of income.

A wide range of products

In our store you will find a full range of products based on minoxidil, in which the content of the active ingredient ranges from 2 to 15%. In addition, we offer complete solutions containing additional components: finasteride, azelaic acid, etc. Thanks to this, one can choose a composition that perfectly fits their particular case. If your skin is highly sensitive, we can offer products that do not contain propylene glycol. Our range also provides other exclusive products to help effectively combat excessive hair loss.

Reliable and fast shipping

Shipping is processed within one business day or on the next day if the order was made on a holiday or weekend. This ensures efficiency, and the discreet packaging increases the likelihood that the product will be delivered successfully.


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