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The most effective means for hair restoration

Minoxidil Plus is not a medicine, and therefore may be sold without a prescription. At the same time, the latest achievements in the field of pharmacology were used during its development. This is especially true for its effective formula. The components were chosen to complement and reinforce each other.

It is also important to note the high degree of purification which makes the drug highly efficient and safe. All the ingredients were subject to multi-stage clinical trials, which proved their effectiveness in the fight against age-related changes of the skin, including hair follicles as one of the main components. These substances have been successfully used in medicine, and in the beauty industry. Without them, it is impossible to imagine professional skin care today.

When talking about the specific ingredients, it is worth noting biotin first and foremost. This biologically active substance plays an important role in maintaining the health of hair follicles. The high levels of biotin in Minoxidil Plus ensure its effectiveness in the fight against excessive hair loss, but also significantly improve its appearance. It’s not by chance that this substance is considered one of the most effective ways to combat hair loss today.

Another important ingredient is azelaic acid. It is a completely natural substance found in some families of grains. In fact, it is a natural antibiotic that fights inflammation. In addition, laboratory tests have shown that azelaic acid markedly enhances the action of minoxidil, and in conjunction with it, the efficiency of treatment. This substance is not aggressive, so there is no reason to fear that it will cause irritation of the skin.