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Andrius, Vilnius (Lithuania)

My difficulties with hair loss started a long time ago. So, I decided it was time to try different treatments on the market today. I am now well-versed in them, and I can say that Minoxidil Plus is one of the best. Most of all, I liked that I no longer needed to wait a long time for the solution to dry, which is very convenient, especially in the morning when I’m in a hurry to get to work. In addition, it does not stain your hair (if you carelessly apply other solutions, your hair doesn't look so hot afterwards). But those are just the little things, the most important thing is that Minoxidil Plus really works. Thanks to it, I was able to replace my bald spot with beautiful, healthy hair. So, all the money I invested has paid off. Because getting results in such matters is the most important thing. Although, I want to warn everyone not to expect a miracle. Your hair will not grow the next day, or even after a week. It takes time and patience. If you give up halfway, you won't get anywhere. It took three months for me to grow a little fuzz, and then just as long again before some normal hair appeared. So half a year is the minimum, and only on the condition that you do everything correctly. In short, Minoxidil Plus works, and the rest is up to you. Good luck.

Monica, Venice (Italy)

As for my husband, I can say that Minoxidil Plus is the best you can buy today. Previously, my husband had used Rogaine, but the progress was, to put it mildly, questionable. Some fuzz grew on his bald spot, but that’s where it stopped. Even increasing the dose did not help. Then the doctor advised him to try Minoxidil Plus with finasteride. The difference was huge. Instead of fuzz, my husband now has normal hair on his head. Sometimes it seems like it’s even thicker and more beautiful than what he had when he was younger. As a result, we are both satisfied. Thanks to the manufacturer for such an effective drug.

Ravil Nigmatullin, Almaty (Kazakhstan)

It’s a real miracle! I did not expect expect it to work so quickly. I used it for just three months and hair began cropping up like mushrooms. Out of the many different products I’ve tried, no others came close. Initially, my skin itched a little, but then it went away by itself without treatment. I will definitely continue to use it.

Benjamin Gurinovich, Los Angeles (USA)

I have been using various products for a long time, including Minoxidil, and I know that they work. Yet, each has its own nuances. My hair is naturally quite weak, so even when it grows out, my hair doesn’t look very good. I tried using one drug twice a day, but it did no good. So, I decided to try a different product and stopped at Minoxidil Plus. I chose it because of the finasteride in its composition. I am a chemist by profession and I know how effective this component can be if properly used. In conjunction with minoxidil, it is capable of performing miracles. Also, I really liked the consistency of the medication. Even if it gets on your hair, it doesn’t get oily, and your pillow doesn’t get dirty either, so I don’t worry about using Minoxidil Plus before bedtime. I am writing about this because I had a lot of problems with other drugs. In the morning, my hair often looked terrible, and I had to wash it every day, which is time consuming. Another plus is that there are no side effects; with other medications my scalp sometimes itched, but I have no problems with Minoxidil Plus. It started working quickly, and the longer I used it, the thicker my grew hair. It was also very important to me that my hair didn’t fall out again, as had happened before more than once. So if you want to solve the problem of baldness without a hassle, then buy this drug.

Dan Markin, Pittsburgh (USA)

I can only praise Minoxidil Plus. It really helps. My hair began to fall out over 10 years ago. I should say that it is a hereditary problem in my family, so I didnt pay much attention to it, but my wife persuaded me to try products based on minoxidil. Of course, there were some benefits, but to pay that kind of money for the occasional fuzz on my head wasn’t worth it. Minoxidil Plus is a completely different story. I think it’s because of the additional ingredients. I don't know, but this drug works, and it really does. Now my bald spot can only be seen in photographs, and my hair is not as coarse as before. So, I’ve now switched to the maintenance dosage to consolidate my results. My father is 67 years’ old, but even he became interested and bought Minoxidil Plus. Let's see, he might be able to restore his hair, too. Now I’m a believer in these kind of miracles.

Mitchell Rodriguez, Miami (USA)

I recommend it to everyone! The formula is simply amazing, especially the pairing of minoxidil and finasteride. Baldness has no chance of winning. I made sure of that, as they say, the hard way. Plus, it's convenient. You apply it and forget about it. Dont worry, it will have time to dry before you leave the house. It will! Minoxidil Plus is absorbed rather quickly and immediately begins to work. The proof is in the pudding, as they say, well, or on my head :) I noticed right away that my hair was thicker and healthier looking, then it began to grow in areas where it was thinning or completely gone. It was such a change that people I hadn't seen for a long time didn't even recognize me at first glance, and many are envious and ask where they can buy this medication with minoxidil. But, as we know, they don’t all help if is certain component isn’t there. The thing is that the Minoxidil Plus composition is properly balanced. In short, it’s an excellent medication, just try it and see for yourself.

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