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Minoxidil Plus.

The effectiveness of this drug is confirmed by the fact that it is the only way today to combat adrogenetic alopecia, or male pattern hair loss, approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Minoxidil is unique in that its systematic application allows you to effectively deal with hair loss on your entire scalp, including the hairline, which many patients know from personal experience is characterized by a special "stubbornness." Unlike minoxidil, Rogaine helps to restore hair growth in the crown area only.

Despite the effectiveness of Minoxidil Plus, it is classified as a sub-pharmaceutical drug. This is because, when used properly, the likelihood of overdose or related side effects is eliminated.

The basic form of Minoxidil Plus is a topical solution. However, initially this substance was used in the form of tablets to combat hypertension. In laboratory tests, some patients reported an unusual side effect of excessive hair growth (this phenomenon is called hypertrichosis).

On the basis of these observations, minoxidil was used as a topical solution in the fight against excessive hair loss. It really established itself as an effective substance, which proved to be able not only to completely stop the balding process, but also to restore hair growth in those areas where it had disappeared. This effect has been proven in clinical trials involving thousands of volunteers (mostly men suffering from androgenetic alopecia).

Further practice showed that the use of minoxidil really helps to combat hair loss. A long-term effect can be achieved under certain prerequisites. Among them is the regular application of the drug, as well as transitioning to the maintenance dosage after hair restoration has reached its peak.