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Results of treatment

The efficacy of minoxidil as an anti-hair loss treatment is not only clinically proven, but recognized by the leading international organizations in the health field, including the European Medicine Agency and the Office of control over the quality of food and drugs in the United States Administration.

Meanwhile, it should be kept in mind that this treatment can’t help everybody. Much of this issue depends on the type of alopecia, as well as individual physiological characteristics. The most effective one is 5% solution of minoxidil, known as regaine. The increased concentration allows a greater amount of active substance absorbed into the skin. To achieve a similar effect, some experts recommend minoxidil combined with finasteride.

If we talk about specific term, within which it is possible to expect the appearance of the first practical results of the use of minoxidil, then this usually takes 4 months on average. It is interesting to note that treatment is more effective for women: the first positive symptoms usually appear earlier, and hair regeneration process is faster.

Moreover, the less time has gone since the first signs of baldness, the less time will be needed to restore your hair to its original state by applying minoxidil (regaine). There is a direct correlation between hair loss and its subsequent regeneration: you can not recover in a few weeks what you have lost over the years. In this connection you should not delay the start of treatment (if the stomata of hair follicles will tighten the connective tissue, it would be impossible to do anything at all).

Having begun the use of minoxidil, you will notice that the hair loss process is slowed down at the first stage, and then it will stop at all and a gradual recovery will begin. It should be noted that minoxidil demonstrates the maximum effectiveness in the treatment of hereditary baldness, which begins with the parietal areas and gradually spreads to the side of the head (here, the positive effect of the treatment will be less mentioned). Minoxidil does not only stimulate the growth of new hair, but also extends their life expectancy.

The effectiveness of this treatment does not depend on the sex of the patient and the type of hair. As its application you will not only mark the appearance of new hair by awakening dormant follicles, but also improvement of existing ones (this process is associated with the improvement of hair nutrition).